Two Screenings in Canada

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Two Screenings in Canada

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Last week, CHAIRMAN JONES – An Improbable Leader screened twice at the 2016 Canadian National School Boards Congress in Winnipeg.   The documentary about director Anna Jones’s father (Mr. James Henry Jones, a self-educated farmer born on a former slave plantation who lead the fight to end school segregation in North Carolina) was requested for its history/story and for a workshop on how to be an effective school board member. 

It’s been (and still is) such a thrill to have consulted Anna since the beginning of her first film and to have her as a great friend.  This project meant the world to her and in both our opinions her father’s story HAD TO BE documented.  Although she was new to some of the tortures of the filmmaker’s journey, she’s a “toughy” that wasn’t going to be denied.  Ms. Anna Jones, once again, I salute you!

To learn more about CHAIRMAN JONES – An Improbable Leader click here.

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