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Best Film/Video on Matters Relating to the Black Experience/Marginalized People!

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CHAIRMAN JONES” won its first international film festival award!


Anna Jones, Filmmaker posing with portrait of her dad, James Jones", an unsung share chopper who became a North Carolina's version of Martin Luther King!

filmmaker Anna Jones


Congrats Director Anna Jones!!!

Dream + Action = Reality!

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Thank You Black International Cinema – Berlin Film Festival!

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“YOU WOULDN’T EXPECT” won  Best film/video on matters relating to the Black Experience/Marginalized People at the Black International Cinema – Berlin Film Festival!

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Bis Freitag! (See you this Friday!)

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You Wouldn’t Expect will be screening this Friday as an official selection in the Black International Cinema Berlin Film Festival.  As the film’s production consultant and additional historian, it’s a great honor to represent acclaimed writer/producer Marylin Barner Anselmi, as well as, award-winning director Evan Kidd in Berlin.  For more info about the film and the festival click here.

C’mon out!  Hope to see you there!

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