A Story That Needs To Be Told

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A Story That Needs To Be Told

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Just finished some post-production consulting for the soon-to-be-released, Our Side: The Other Atlantic City. Watch trailer

A story that’s needed to be told for decades, the film documents AC theatre director Travis Love‘s adaptation of Growing Up in the Other Atlantic City: Wash’s and the Northside, a book penned by AC native Turiya S. A. Raheem. Read book

Thanks Ellen Reynolds, a long-time friend/key collaborator in Philadelphia’s vibrant indie filmmaking scene, for inviting me to share comments, solutions, and opportunities to mend our world through film!  I really respect you as a filmmaker.  As in the mid-90’s, we vied for screen time, at venues such as International House and others, to show off our projects while receiving unflinching Philly straight-no-chaser-feedback from cultured audience members!  One of the best places to speed up your learning curve in the world for indie filmmaker!  Indeed!!!


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