Film Screening and Panel Discussion on Nov. 19th!

beethoven 9I’ll be part of an interdisciplinary panel with Dr. Susanne Jones (German), Dr. Amy Carr-Richardson (Music) and Dr. Susan Pearce (Sociology) on November 19th at 5:30 in Hendrix Theatre called Can Music Change the World? The Arts and People’s Protests A documentary about the use of Beethoven’s Ninth in protest movements around the world will be screened and afterwards the panel will discuss how the arts are used for social change. Hope to see you there!

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Juried the North Carolina Arts Council $10,000 Artists Fellowship (film/video/new media category) recently.

nc arts


Special thanks to Jeff Pettis, visual arts director, NC Arts Council

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Invited Lecturer at UNC-Pembroke

Dr. Jamie Martinez, UNC - Pembroke

Dr. Martinez on C-SPAN

On April 4th at University of North Carolina-Pembroke, I will screen excerpts of my documentary COLORED CONFEDERATES and discuss Civil War memory and commemoration, as well as, overly-romanticized memories of the war. In addition, I will discuss how ‘documentary-making’ mirrors writing a research paper. Should be fun!

Confederate Slave Impressment in the Upper South

Dr. Martinez’s recent book

Hosted by UNC-P professor Dr. Jaime Martinez  (who was also a research contributor on COLORED CONFEDERATES). Check out her latest book, Confederate Slave Impressment in the Upper South.

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“The Central Park Five” Screening and Discussion March 24th @ 5 p.m.

central park five movie poster“The Central Park Five,” the critically acclaimed documentary that tells the story of a horrific crime and a shocking truth will be shown in Hendrix Theatre Monday March 24 at 5 p.m. East Carolina University’s School of Communication, in association with the Cinematic Arts and Media Production program in the School of Art & Design, is sponsoring the screening and a panel discussion immediately following.

The brutal attack of a white female jogger in New York City’s Central Park in 1989 was labeled “the crime of the century” by some in the media; and, it was in this climate of opinion that five black and Latino teenagers were arrested, charged and convicted of this sensational crime — which they did not commit.

A quarter of a century later the crime, the case and its aftermath are the subjects of the latest documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns, with David McMahon and Sarah Burns. The film raises important questions regarding race, the failings of our criminal justice system, vulnerable juveniles, journalistic ethics, and basic human rights. “This documentary is a must-see. It is riveting from beginning to end and creates awareness of how the legal system gravely failed five young people,” says Barbara Bullington, an instructor in the School of Communication who arranged to bring the film to campus.

School of Communication student Andrew Gordy will moderate the panel, which will include: award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Wyatt, associate professor of cinematic arts and media production, ECU School of Art and Design; Chuck Twardy, journalism instructor, ECU School of Communication; Kristen Hunter, public information officer, Greenville Police Department; Suzanne Molhan, victim advocate for ECU’s Counseling Center and author of the book, “A Mother’s Mission: The Sue Molhan Story”; and, Chase Kroll, editor-in-chief of The East Carolinian.

This event will highlight the importance of due diligence in investigating and reporting and also explore the mistakes of those originally involved in the case in 1989. News of the rape resulted in public outcry and sensational headlines; however, the exoneration of the wrongly convicted teens received much less news coverage. With “The Central Park Five,” this story of injustice comes to light.The event is made possible in part by funding from ECU’s Co-Curricular Collaborations. It is also a Wellness Passport premier event.

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Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the support and interaction over the last few months. It’s because I value you and your engagement that I wanted to update you. After a rigorous review process,  I was recently granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Cinematic Arts & Media Production at East Carolina University. In addition, I have been feverishly writing (and re-writing) the script for an upcoming “journey-transformation” film. I’ve also been directing, producing, shooting, and editing various client-based new media projects.

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BREAKING NEWS from Cannes, France

BREAKING NEWS from Cannes, France! COLORED CONFEDERATES won Best Documentary at the Festival International du Film PanAfricain!!!!  Special thanks to Eitel Basile Ngangu Ebelle, Tetchena Bellange, and Henry Henriol for your love, hospitality, support, and inspiration. I’ll never view the world in the same way ever again thanks to the films watched and people I met at this very very very special film festival. Thank you Festival International du Film PanAfricain I can’t wait to get back there!!!

 2013-04-20 18.04.32 LOW RES  Festival film panafricain 102  1366782635280  2013-04-21 12.23.12 copy

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5 Films to Watch at the Festival International du Pan Africain de Cannes (April 17th – 21th)



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Until We Meet Again Australia! XoXxoOoX

COLORED CONFEDERATES was very well received by an appreciable audience. I am very grateful considering the America’s Civil War is a relatively unknown subject, at least in Australia. A special thanks goes out to The Victoria Independent Film Festival and Peter Angel.
australian flag
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T minus 5 hours…

In T minus 5 hours, another milestone for this filmmaker will be reached!!!! OH MY!!!! VIFFOfficialSelection

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